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Become Remarkable Now


Become Remarkable Now


Jay Pujara


We are born on this planet, and we are going to live here. There are two choices either pass the time and wander aimlessly in a life, flow in the river of life and end up where we may or may not want to be or design our lives and be where we want to be as per our own plan. This book is here to intrigue you enough to start the process of becoming remarkable now.

The Wright Brothers, Alexander Graham Bell, and Thomas Edison took humanity forward in their own way, but what is that one thing you are made to do on this planet to take humanity forward? What is your calling? Our answer to this question lies in the understanding certain concepts about human life. This book explains these concepts in a way to spark our thoughts and put us in action to become the learner and start making positive difference in our life and the lives of others.

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