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Jay Pujara with an amazing team Surdaan Arnav, Priyanka, Advaita, Mili, Aanya, Shrest.

In conversation with an amazing team Surdaan Arnav, Priyanka, Advaita, Mili, Aanya, Shrest.

Inspiration Masters, LLC is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of people on the planet by helping everyone search their purpose of life, find what they are passionate about, and then helping with tools, techniques, and strategies to reach their true purpose in life by following their passion.

As a part of our “Inspiring Series”, we invite the difference makers, entrepreneurs, artists, business owners, and individuals who have interesting stories to share which can inspire everyone.

This week we got the privilege to meet an amazing team Surdaan, Surdaan Arnav, Priyanka, Advaita, Mili, Aanya, Shrest. Surdaan will be holding their Sixth Annual Charity Benefit Concert on August 8th.

Each year high school students of Alaap School of Music come together for Surdaan - summer musical concert. The students showcase their singing talents while using their voices to help others in need. This year the musical event will be online allowing the kids to reach audiences all over the world. And the funds raised from ticket sales and donations will benefit three charities within India: Infant India, Baba Amte VSS, and Happy India Village. Infant India provides aid to HIV/AIDS affected orphans and abandoned women Baba Amte VSS provides education to underprivileged children in rural Maharashtra. Happy Indian Village is another organization designed to assist HIV/AIDs infected underprivileged children.

For more information regarding this event or tickets please contact or email $25 in the US and INR 500 to families in India willing to contribute. Donations and ticket price are accepted as cash or cheque to Surdaan Foundation or through Zelle at +1 214-437-8154

Surdaan - Music for Miracle

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