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When is the best time to start learning public speaking?

Public Speaking is one of the most critical soft skills someone can develop. We start our journey of communication as soon as we are born. Even though it is not by using language. We communicate throughout our lifetime, and we communicate every single day and at all times.

The question is if we are doing some activity from birth and throughout our lifetime and doing it daily, then why not do it effectively? The next question is when is it the best time to learn public speaking? The answer of course is at the first available opportunity. Because we communicate everyday there will be times where we will be asked to address the audience. If you are leading any group, organization or even attending a party on weekend you may be asked to speak at the event.

The goal always is to keep yourself ready. No matter what time and place it is, if you are asked to speak will you be ready? This can happen tomorrow so why not be ready today?

The short answer for when is the best time to learn Public Speaking is NOW!.

Public speaking is not a rocket science and anyone who has a will can start learning and get command over public speaking and can address an audience large or small at any time when they get an opportunity.

Effective public speaking skills can open up doors for the hidden opportunities which you might have not even dreamt off. Those who are able to go in front of an audience and present their ideas clearly and effectively are seen as leaders by those in the audience. They become influential people and are able to positively impact others as well as live with satisfaction that they are always able to confidently present themselves.

Contributed by Jay Pujara

Jay is a Public Speaker, Author of Book ‘Become Remarkable NowConcepts about Life, Happiness and Wealth and is the Founder of Inspiration Masters LLC Communication and Leadership Training Institute based in Dallas, TX US.

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Communication and Leadership Training Institute

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