Public Speaking and Leadership Program in Irving

Public Speaking and Leadership Program 


Public Speaking and Leadership Program is an 8 week program conducted at the Inspiration Masters LLC training institute. Students meet once a week.


The program features training for students from grades 5th to 12th. The program is very interactive and participants learn several skills during the 8 week program.


Each participant is encouraged to take the leadership role for their personal development. At each meeting, every participant gets an opportunity to speak and practice what they have learned. Participants also get peer and instructor expert evaluations. The evaluations help the participants to grow and get better. Also, the participants get an opportunity to get inspired by listening to fellow speakers and guest speakers.


The program has produced excellent results. The idea behind this program is to create leaders. We train students to lead or speak when given an opportunity at school or family and/or friends get together.


Please call to get information and schedule to attend one of the programs.


The details of the program are on the Inspiration Masters web pages:





The Instructor for this camp is Jay Pujara.

Jay is the author of the book "Become Remarkable Now" and is a trainer in public speaking and leadership.

Jay is a pharmacist by profession and very passionate about communication skills development in adults and youth.


Jay has won the top awards in leadership as an outstanding president for D25 at Toastmasters International and is involved in public speaking for the past 6 years.


Jay has also won a variety of speech contests at Toastmasters International clubs over the past several years. He also conducts training for such groups as corporate executives, business owners, college students, and adults who want to improve their public speaking skills.


Please call for any questions regarding this camp and upcoming programs in public speaking and leadership at 

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