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Group 1: 6 to 9 years


Subject: Storytelling


Objective: To tell a story and act it out, express a thought, feeling, moral, or message through a story.



• Participants can tell any kind of story. Tell a classic story, a story you remember, or make up your own story.

• Give your story a creative and interesting title.

• Express yourself completely by acting on your stories, using body language, using the stage, using vocal variety and be ready to win your audience.

• You may use costumes or props to enhance your story.


Speech Time: 2 to 3 minutes


Participants with speeches shorter than 2 minutes or longer than 3 minutes and 1 second will be disqualified.


Subject: What Inspires You?


Everyone is inspired in different ways and by different people, events, places, or things. What inspires you is an interesting and unique story that you can narrate for us. Tell us what inspires you and why!


It could be events, great stories, a person, a place, or it could be your imagination of the future (eg: going to Mars).



• Give your speech a creative title

• Give a great description, use body language, vocal variety, make it very interesting for your audience.


Speech Time: 2 to 3 minutes


Participants with speeches shorter than 2 minutes or longer than 3 minutes and 1 seconds will be disqualified.



Group 3: 14 to 17 years


Subject: Life after the pandemic


We are currently in a pandemic and many people across the globe have had their movement restricted, and their lives disturbed like never before.


Eventually, by taking measures including social distancing and testing, life will resume back to normal. That raises a new question, however: after this pandemic, what is the new normal going to look like?


What will go “back to normal” look like and what do you think will be different in the short run? What are the things that you can imagine or hope will change forever as a result of this phenomenon?


You can talk about the positive changes in medicine, science, politics, human interaction, or anything else that we can expect, hope for, or aspire to come out of these terrible times.


Present with passion and enthusiasm.


Speech Time: 3 to 4 minutes 


Participants with speeches shorter than 3 minutes or longer than 4 minutes and 1 second will be disqualified.



DFW Open Speech Contest

Contest Entry Open to participants in the United States


Contest Rules


  1. Participants must send their videos from May 1st to May 8th

All entries MUST be received by 9 PM CST on May 8th 

  1. Participants must present the unedited video recorded in a single take.

  2. Participants must follow the theme of the contest. 

  3. Age Requirement:

    1. Group 1: 6 to 9 years 

    2. Group 2: 10 to 13 years 

    3. Group 3: 14 to 17 years  

  4. Time Requirements:

  • Group 1 Time — 2 to 3 minutes (6 to 9 years) 

Storytelling Contest

(Participants must speak for at least 2 minutes to qualify and will be disqualified at 3 minutes and 30 second)

  • Group 2 Time — 2 to 3 minutes (10 to 13 years) 

What inspires you?

(Participants must speak for at least 2 minutes to qualify and will be disqualified at 3 minutes and 30 second)


  • Group 3 Time — 3 to 4 minutes (14 to 17 years)

Life After Pandemic

(Participants must speak for at least 3 minutes to qualify and will be disqualified at 4 minutes and 30 second)

6. Winners will be announced on May 15th, 2020.

7. All participants will receive a certificate of participation. 

8. There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each category.

9. The judges’ decision will be final.



Send in your videos from May 1st to May 8th, 2020

Winner will be announced on May 15th, 2020

Look for a special announcement on May 15th.




Q. Are participants provided a theme to talk about? 

A. Yes, the participants are provided the theme and MUST follow the theme to qualify for the contest.


Q. How do I prepare for the speech contest?

A. Please follow the details according to the age group and look up the theme for your age group and prepare accordingly. 


Q. How do I submit my video?

A. After your registration and payment, the team will be sending out an email on how to submit your video.

Q. What will be the judging criteria for the contest?

A. The contest will be judged based on the quality of content and how participants deliver the content, including speech title, confidence, clarity, and body language. 


Q. Can the participant edit the videos?

A. NO the participants must submit the unedited video.

Q. What if my video is under or over the time limit?

A. Please re-record or and make sure that the video you sent is within the time limit specified for the age group. Videos under or over the time limit may not be considered.


Q. How will I know if I won the contest?

A. The winners will be announced 1 week after the end of the submission date of the contest on the Inspiration Masters website, and may also be announced on the Inspiration Masters Facebook page.


Q. What if I am not able to submit my video after registering for the Online U.S. Open Speech Contest?

A. The contest registrations are non-refundable. ( All proceeds are donated to Vibha a non-profit organization supporting children's education.)


Q. I still have more questions.

A. Please send your question to inpirationmasters@gmail.com.

    A team member will reach out to you. Please include your phone number.



Inspiration Masters, LLC.

Email: inspirationmasters@gmail.com



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