For Youth Programs.

Q. Who can participate?
A.Students from grade 5th to grade 12th can enroll.

Q How long is the public speaking and leadership program?
A Public speaking and leadership is an 8-week program.

Q How long is each session?
A Each session is about 90 mins long.

Q What does the student have to bring to the class?
A All study material required for the course is provided. Students just come with a positive mindset and willingness to learn.

​Q When does the program begin?
A All Programs are project-based and run throughout the year and enrollment is open throughout the year. 

Q How do I register for a program/workshop/event?

A You can register on our website www.inspirationmasters.com or can register by phone. you can also reach us by email or text to receive a call from one of our representatives.

Q What is the class size of the programs?
A These average  class size for the program is 7-10 students.

Class size is kept small to give students enough opportunity to speak at every session.


Q Do you have one-on-one programs for students who need personal attention?
A Yes, we do have one-on-one programs available.

Q How do I get more information?
A You can also reach us by phone 9 am to 9 pm at 972 948 8476
7 days a week.

Q Do the Students/Participants get a certificate?
A Upon successful completion of the program, students receive a certificate for the program which they can proudly display.