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Rules and Information

Registration Instructions

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Saturday, November 12, 2022

Contest Rules and Information 


Location: UT Dallas

Erik Jonsson Engineering and Computer Science

Richardson, TX 75080



1. Participants must be present at the briefing for the contest at their allocated date and time,  as listed below.
               Group 1  (6 to 9 years) Storytelling
               Time —2 pm
               Group 2  (10 to 13 years) Persuasive
               Time — 9 am 
               Group 3  Time(14 to 17 years) Impromptu
                Time — 4 pm 
2. Participants must follow the theme of the contest.
3. Age  and Time Requirement (Please click on the highlighted link for more information.)
              Group 1 — 6 to 9 years 
              Topic — Storytelling
              Time — 1 to 3 minutes 
              (Must speak for at least 1 minute to qualify and will be disqualified at 3 minutes and 31 seconds)
             Group 2 — 10 to 13 years
              Topic — Persuasive Speech
              Time — 3 to 4 minutes 
              (Must speak for at least 3 minutes to qualify and will be disqualified at 4 minutes and 31 seconds)
             Group 3 — 14 to 17 years
             Topic — Impromptu Speech
             Time — 2 to 3 minutes 
             (Must speak for at least 2 minutes to qualify and will be disqualified at 3 minutes and 31 seconds)
4. All participant’s in all groups are required to join us at their designated time. Contestants will receive  their speaking order before the contest starts. Group 1 and Group 2 can email their speech title in advance at , along with your name and group.
5. All participants must speak from the designated speaking area and meet the speaking time requirement.
6. The timers will show participants green, yellow and red cards to help them keep track of timing during their speech. 
7. Winners will be announced when all the participants in the group have presented their speeches and judges have been given time to evaluate the scores.
8. All participants will receive a certificate of participation.​
9. 1st, 2nd,3rd, 4th and 5th place winners in each category will receive certificates and trophies with their placement.
10. Please do not take pictures or record any part of the competition or go live on Facebook or YouTube.  Not following this rule may disqualify the participant immediately.
11. Parents and friends please do not take pictures or videos of the event except for your participant when he/she is performing.​
12. The judges’ decision will be final.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can participate in the speech contest?

A. Students from anywhere in the U.S. can participate.


Q. Are participants provided a theme to talk about? 

A. Yes, the participants are provided the theme and MUST follow the theme to qualify for the contest.


Q. How do I prepare for the speech contest?

A. Please follow the details according to the age group and look up the theme for your age group and prepare accordingly. 

Q. What will be the judging criteria for the contest?

A. The contest will be judged based on the quality of content and how participants deliver the content, including speech title , confidence, clarity, use of props, and body language.

(Speech title not required for impromptu speech contest )

Q. Will I be able to present my speech using Google Slides, Power-Point or other software?

A. The focus is going to be on your stage presentation. Google slides or Power-Point presentations are not allowed. The auditorium will not have the arrangements to display Google slides or Power-Point etc. Though you may bring in props or pictures, posters etc to display. Please prepare your speech accordingly.

Q. What if I am not able to participate after registering for the Online U.S. Open Speech Contest?

A.  The contest registrations are non-refundable. ( All proceeds are donated to Vibha, a non-profit organization supporting children's education.)

Still have more questions? Please send your question to A team member will reach out to you. Please include your phone number.


Organizers note:

The goal of the contest is to have the participants have a lot of fun delivering their speeches. Inspiration Masters Programs and contests are “learn and have fun'' concept-based events. A professional team of dedicated individuals who love to see our children grow and become highly successful individuals with great communication and leadership skills.

The Judges decision will be final.

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