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Jay Pujara with Gauthami Vemula-Queij, founder of Color Me SAFE, LLC.,

In conversation with Gauthami Vemula-Queij, founder of Color Me SAFE, LLC., social entrepreneur, activist, community leader and volunteer.

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As a part of our “Inspiring Series,” we invite the difference makers, entrepreneurs, artists, business owners, and individuals who have interesting stories to share which can inspire everyone.

This week we got the privilege to meet Gauthami Vemula-Queij, founder of Color Me SAFE, social entrepreneur, activist, community leader, and volunteer. Gauthami graduated with Masters’ Degrees in both Psychology and Counseling. She is currently completing a Child Protection course at Harvard University. Ten years as an CPS investigator, and Department and Quality Training Manager at the Department of Child Protective Services helped her see the inequity and shortfalls of the system, leading her to found Color Me SAFE, LLC a family crisis management consulting firm in Dallas, Texas, specializing in child welfare issues.

As Founder, President and an active consultant, she provides a voice for underrepresented families, especially immigrants, going through the CPS system and raises awareness about the child welfare laws of Texas, child abuse and neglect and bullying prevention/intervention.

Gauthami is also the CoFounder of UGauGrrl (you go girl), a t-shirt line for wearable inspiration and movement to INSPIRE, EMPOWER, and IMPACT women and girls everywhere to tap into their gifts so they make their singular impact on the world.

Gauthami’s previous experience as a child abuse investigator and department manager at the Department of Child Protective Services has strongly made her aware of child abuse/neglect. As a Child Welfare Consultant and activist. Ms. Vemula passionately works towards raising awareness about child abuse/neglect. She was one of only three investigators hand-picked from Dallas County for a special pilot program, the Skilled Response Team, that investigated more than 40 child abuse cases a month. She was also selected as one of the few in Texas to train new CPS Investigators. In addition to her work in the field, Ms. Vemula was integral in co-authoring Dallas County’s policy and procedure handbook used by all CPS Investigators. She also helped to create a systematic method called ‘Tips, Tools, and Tactics,’ specifically utilized by newly trained CPS Investigators.

In her spare time, she brings her love of music to young stud