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The Art of Public Speaking Workshop

The Art of Public Speaking Workshop

The Art of Public Speaking Effective Communication for Influence

Effective communication is the key element for success in life and business. Communication is a skill and is learnable. Acquiring this skill can make a person influential at work, at home & in business environment.

Whether you are talking to inspire and motivate your teams or presenting in front of senior leaders of your organization, to allocate resources to your project, talking to your customers or to your investors, if you are at job interview or pitching to VC for financing, or conducting routine meeting, The most important and critical skill you need is to communicate effectively.

Being confident and powerful every time you speak can open new doors of opportunity for your career or business,

This workshop is designed to begin the process of creating influence by becoming an effective communicator.

Who should attend?

Corporate professionals, Executives, Managers, Business owners, and anyone interested in the art of communication.

Program Features

  • Learn basics of public speaking O/B/C

  • Speak with confidence

  • Over coming the fear of public speaking

  • Tips and ideas to deliver effective speech/presentation

  • Learn the art of impromptu speaking

  • Avoid use of filler words

  • Body language/nonverbal communication

  • Cultivating effective listening skills

  • Apply what you learned in front of live audience at the session

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