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April 25,2020

Inspire to Lead

World Youth Leadership Conference (WYLC) is a one day conference focused on empowering young people into leaders who will transform their lives and those around them. This event provides young people, grades 8 to 12, with a day of growth, learnings, and a unique opportunity to network with other young leaders. Get ready to be inspired and have the opportunity to inspire others.

The WYLC is an extremely energetic and highly interactive leadership event with participants from various backgrounds. Topics varying from global leadership, social and emotional learning and intelligence, effective communication, preparation for college and the real world, community engagement, and more. Each young person will be challenged to think beyond the box and transform their lives by identifying personal goals and reflecting on ways to be a leader in their school, work, and community. The WYLC strives to shape young people by setting the foundation for future leaders through interactive and hands-on learning experiences. Join World Youth Leadership and Inspire to LEAD!

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WYLC Conference

Saturday, April 25, 2020

9 am. to 4:00 pm.

Homewood Suites Irving/DFW Airport

7800 Dulles Drive,

Irving, TX 75063


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