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Public speaking an essential skill

Public speaking is an essential skill and the importance is well recognized. But the real efforts put forward by most of us don’t really match up with the level of importance we put on the concept.

As most people think they do not have to speak in public in the traditional sense. Meaning you are not going to stand on a stage in a hall full of thousand people. But the reality is you may be standing in front of 15 or 20 people on a regular basis. This is what we call speaking in public, because every word you speak is going to be interpreted in a different way by different member of your audience and even though the group looks small as far as your career and your impact on the group and on overall performance of the group cannot be underestimated. You have to give your best and the best comes by practice. The act of speaking to a small group is a classic opportunity for you to train yourself for bigger platforms.

Any act of speaking in a group is public speaking. Public speaking is a skill and therefore it is learnable and with practice and focus on learning most people can become public speaker which means they can present their thoughts fearlessly and clearly and are able to confidently present their ideas. For the greater impact of your work and your life on the life of other fellow human-beings it is essential that we develop our skills to communicate effectively in public

It is a popular belief that those who develop this skill also enjoy their work better and have better relationships with the fellow human beings and have a better chance of living a successful and fulfilled life.

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