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Congratulations to the Winners of Online U.S. Open Speech Contest 2021!

Winners Group - 1


1st Place Kavya Balaji (TX)

2nd Place Odelia Balraj (TX)

3rd Place Siddharth Vikram (MA)

4th Place Eshan Balaji (CA)

5th Place Dhanya Jaganathan (TX)

Winners Group - 2

Persuasive Speech

1st Place Adhyaan Balaji (TX)

Covid Vaccination, We can be the Heroes!

2nd Place Pranav Krishnan (TX)

Something I Would Change About Myself if I had to Power to Do So

3rd Place Aarna Patel (TX)

Racial Equality “How much of the hill have we climbed?

4th Place Janya Halthore (NJ)

Tiktok, is it really bad ?

5th Place Praneel Samal (CA)

Do the benefits of the internet outweigh the loss of privacy?

Winners Group - 3

Impromptu Speech

1st Place Kriti Avirneni (TX)

2nd Place Himani Laroia (IA)

3rd Place Aayush Mishra

4th Place Nikhil Narayanan

5th Place Manushri Malkapurapu

U.S. Open Speech Contest August 2021

Group 4 - (18 & Up)

My Pandemic Experience

1st Place Deepa Agarwal (MH - India)

Learning to become Able- During the Pandemic

2nd Place Suraiya Hyder (TX)

My personal experiences

3rd Place Anjali Gonuguntla (TX)

When Bats Give You Lemons: The Upside of the Pandemic

4th Place Rishi Gonuguntla (TX)

Time, the Resource of the Pandemic

5th Place Sunita Manne (TX)

Pandemic from my car's perspective

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