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I'M Voice Speaker 2020 - Nandita Narayanan - The Marvelous Machu Picchu

Nandita Narayanan is a current junior at Reservoir High School in Maryland and is so thrilled to be here with you all today! She is quite passionate about public speaking and has won several speech competitions in her state to show for it. One of her many interests is traveling and learning about different cultures around the world. Her speech today definitely reflects the wonders and joys of exploring a new place with it being centered around Machu Picchu, the ancient Inca ruins. She dreams of exploring the vast beauty of Peru and has encapsulated that enchantment in today's speech, and by the end of it, many of you will find your heartstrings tugging towards Machu Picchu as well! Let's give a warm welcome to The Marvelous Machu Picchu. #I'MVoiceSpeaker #speech #machupicchu #imvoice #nanditanarayanan #student #speakerofthemonth #2020 #speakersseries2020 #publicspeaker #motivationalspeaker #publicspeaking #inspirationmasters #traveling #cultures #world #theancientinca #peru

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