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What Our Students Say

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Jahnavi has been really enjoying the classes, and I am impressed with the subject covered in the class. I do see improvement in Jahnavi's communication skills and confidence. 

Thank you, Aparna Padmaraju (Jahnavi's Mother) - 8/17/2020

I have learned a lot of different things about different topics. I also learned how to make a speech in 30 seconds. I enjoy the riddles and the impromptu session we had. - Saakriti Bachina - 7/19/2020

I like the riddles, jokes and definitely evaluation because i see what i can do to make myself better as well as others. I have learned about a lot of stuff, because each of the topics are different. - Saanvi Somani - 7/19/2020

I have learned many things here, one of the main things I learned is how to order a speech properly and make it in short amount of time. -Prisha Patel- 7/19/2020

I think the role that would make the biggest difference in my learning was the Filler Word Count because never before have I counted all the filler words I use whenever I give a speech or presentation. It has helped me a bunch because though this, I learned to make sure I have efficiency and precision in what I say. I really enjoyed the way we always have riddles and jokes in the beginning of the class, and do an evaluation in the end. It makes the class more fun and exciting. I have learned a countless amount of things! While giving speeches, I have learned to include humor, add hand gestures, facial expression, and improve my confidence. Other than that, this class has been a great opportunity for me to improve my skills in public-speaking. It has also helped me learn more, do more and become more. It has been an amazing experience being in this class! - Yashasree Gadipalli - 7/11/2020

My favorite project was the Product Demonstration and the Movie speech. Both let me express my opinion, interests, and creativity. It was also fun to make.The role, President, has made the biggest difference in my learning. It was first really uncomfortable but now it's a much easier role. This proves that I am more confident because of the role, President. I enjoy hearing other people's' speeches since they are funny and information-packed. I also enjoy the beginning of each class because the is when we all tell jokes and riddles. I have the tendency to be nervous before class and this makes me more confident. It also is really fun hearing jokes.I have learned that being confident makes the biggest difference. No matter how bad your speech is, saying it in the most confident way as possible will make it sound better. Also, putting jokes in your speech helps give some comic relief. I have learned that humor makes the audience laugh bringing yourself back to their attention. - Hansika - 7/9/2020

i enjoyed the impromptus because they helped me sharpen my thinking skills and increased my speed in answering questions - aanya malik - 6/12/2020

I liked the project when we were allowed to write a speech about world problems - Akshar Bethina - 6/12/2020

I enjoyed doing the impromptu and the speeches.I liked how we did daily presentations for it really allowed me to work on creating a good speech with limited time. - Neil Prashant - 6/12/2020

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